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Bean 511 Cabriolet

Bean 511 Cabriolet This car was a bit rough... and then some. At first the plan was just to fix it. When the worst of it's troubles were fixed Gabriel decided it needed paint. How do you decide how far to go tearing it  ... Read more

2000 Jetta VR6 GLX

2000 Jetta VR6 GLX Saved from the scrapper.Emma's daily driver.The previous owners of this car were about to scrap it. It needed an engine and that was too much for them on a a car that was getting old. It needed everyt ... Read more

Electrical and electronic diagnosis and repair

Vdubfixer electrical and electronic repair - Ottawa-Gatineau VW Audi repair service Have you got warning lights on in the dash? A switch or a light not working? We can fix that.Whether it’s repairing a broken wire, changing a failed sensor, replacing a control module, or completely r ... Read more


Vdubfixer brakes - Ottawa-Gatineau VW Audi repair services 2003 A4 1.8T Quattro front brakesBrakes are very important both for safety and for an enjoyable driving experience.There are many choices of parts available for most cars. We would be happy to help yo ... Read more

Timing belt

Vdubfixer timing belt - Ottawa-Gatineau VW Audi repair servic Front view of Audi V6 apart for timing belt and cam sealsWe offer timing belt and water pump replacement for your VW or Audi. Diesels welcome!Since timing belt failure on most of these cars means ser ... Read more

1983 Golf Mk1 GTI

1983 Golf Mk1 GTI Many hours were spent on this little gem, teaching pieces of Rabbit, Cabriolet and Scirocco to play nicely together. Many more were spent on wiring diagrams, trying to match fuse box pins to the Cabr ... Read more

1999.5 Golf GTI VR6

1999.5 Golf GTI VR6 A few shots of Glenn’s new toy – Read more

1982 Scirocco

1982 Scirocco

1986 Audi Coupe

1986 Audi Coupe