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7 Responses to customer satisfaction

  1. Dawn says:

    So AMAZING! My Golf was declared DOA by the dealership.
    However, VDubFixer diagnosed and fixed the real problem, bringing my car back to life, for less than the Dealership was charging for just a diagnosis! They then went above and beyond fixing the many other little quirks and scuffs that had been ignored over the last little while. My car has a new life and I couldn’t be happier. They are helpful, accommodating and informative this is THE PLACE to bring your VW. They restored my car and my faith in humanity. THANK YOU!

  2. Adrien says:

    Thanks Emma,

    She’s is a very good mechanic, I own a VW Cabriolet 1982 and she sure knows about her classics! Every little issue a had, I went and came to see Emma to come look at it and every time I came amazed on how she’s talented on fixing the problems I would recommend her to anyone.

    Don’t get fooled because she’s a girl, she knows her stuff!

    Thanks allot for the help!

    Adrien 😛

  3. Mike Thompson says:

    Emma changed the following items on my 2002 Jetta TDI
    Ball Joints
    Strut Bushings
    Control Arm Bushings
    Airbag Controller
    Passenger Door locking mechanism
    Drivers Door Electric Window
    Interior LED Light Upgrade
    Timing Belt and all pulleys
    Brake Booster replacement
    Both Engine Mounts
    Power Steering Pump and both hoses

    Just to name a few items.

    Emma is awesome, only place to go for VW / Audi repairs.

    Thanks Emma

  4. jeff says:

    Emma did a great job replacing the thermostat on my audi a4 wagon. Very diligent and thorough.

  5. wayne waddell says:

    great job on my audi tt quattro coupe timeing belt change and a few coolant leaks plus replaced broken front springs saved thousands of dollars.
    emmas not happy unless you are. bottom line shes one of a few honest mechanics
    also emma has kept my 1991 jetta on the road god bless her sole emmas that is lol for instance clutch replacement emma had to comletely remove engine from car because bolts were seize taking endless hours longer to top it off she was willing to stick to original estimate i wouldnt think of it
    always highly recomend to friends and even strangers on the street.

  6. Leo D. Villeneuve says:

    When I bought my 2004 Passat I was told to take it to Emma and I did not listen and lived to regret it. The story is to long to list here, let’s say I was extremely lucky to get a refund from Myers vw dealer. basically they worked on the car for 3 weeks and never got close to finding the problem.
    But Emma the lady mechanic did and it did not take her 3 weeks and she did not charge an arm and a leg.
    Emma is the best VW mechanic that I have ever met and I was in the business
    for 12 years.

    Don’t make the mistake of judging her by the looks of her shop and the fact she
    is a girl, like I did. By the way she is a good looking mechanic.

  7. Roger says:

    Thank you Emma. If you love VW’s, they love you too.

    I can confirm that problem is gone for good, cold or hot. Engine light is gone too. Engine light had been on for 6 years. Dealer took it out many times but it would turn back on within miles. Now, runs great, as it should.

    See you.
    — Roger

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